Branding refresh and new brochure for Master carbide burrs

After many decades of providing industry with high quality carbide burrs supported by technical application advice, Master Abrasives has released a new carbide burr brochure in line with its plans to increase stock levels in 2018.

The new Master carbide burr brochure

The new brochure is designed with the Master® brand’s updated look and contains a cut selection guide on Master cut types for use on materials such as aluminium, cast iron and unhardened steel. A table for each burr shape, from cylindrical to cone, provides a list of standard burr sizes and a code relating to each item’s dimensions.

Managing director Paul Batson says: “Improving competitiveness through better productivity is a major factor driving business in the UK. Our message is that we will work with customers to find the best solution to their application, whether that’s a standard stock item or a specially developed design for the application.

“We have a team of experienced technical sales representatives that can help assess the application requirements and a manufacturing team that works on developing the most cost-efficient production method for carbide burrs.”

All tungsten carbide rotary burrs from Master Abrasives are CNC machine ground from carefully selected grades of tungsten carbide designed to produce high stock removal rates together with long life. The bespoke fully automated manufacturing process and subsequent rigorous burr quality testing ensures a reliable product that on many occasions exceeds the customers’ expectations.

The Master 6mm and 3mm carbide burr kit

Master tungsten carbide burrs are produced in a wide range of shapes and sizes, mounted on 3 mm or 6 mm shanks as standard or 8 mm shanks on request. The company is reviewing its stock levels with the plan to increase availability of standard burr sizes to meet demand in 2018. Special shapes, sizes and flute cuts can also be supplied to customer specifications with the help of Master Abrasives technical applications team. This includes a range of long shank and double ended burrs which allow access to hard-to-reach areas and solve long reach application problems.

Master kits of carbide burrs include a set of five double cut burrs on a 6 mm shank and a set of 10 double cut burrs on a 3 mm shank, both in a Master branded presentation box which provides storage and protection. The selection of burrs in each kit provides a range of shapes which allows customers to try the different types for their applications.

Contact Master Abrasives or your local distributor for your hard copy of the new Master carbide burr brochure:

Master Abrasives
Tel: 01327 703813


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The Master 6mm and 3mm carbide burr kit

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