Rollomatic and Advanced Grinding Solutions announce partnership for UK and Ireland

Rollomatic SA, the leading Swiss manufacturer of very high-precision CNC tool grinding machines and Coventry-based Advanced Grinding Solutions Ltd (AGS), formally announced at the recent EMO exhibition in Hannover that they are to partner together here in the UK.

Chris Boraston, MD at AGS, is excited to be partnered with Rollomatic and is very much looking forward to building upon Rollomatic’s many successes here in the UK and in Eire: “We are truly delighted to confirm our working partnership with Rollomatic. The chance to work with such a successful global leading manufacturer of high precision grinding machines does not come along very often and the aim of AGS has always been to work with the biggest and the very best companies and, in the world of grinding and finishing in which we operate, Rollomatic deservedly sits at the highest-level and it’s fantastic for us to be associated with them.

“We have previously often been tasked to introduce other, much smaller, and even previously unknown machine manufacturers into the UK market whom, although perhaps established to a certain limited extent in say Germany, were unable themselves to penetrate into the UK market, often because they were niche market providers and struggled to understand the nature of our engineering industries and how best to operate over here. Having had a long and well proven track record of successfully introducing grinding machine manufacturers into our market, and achieving record sales for them, with Rollomatic already being such a long established and well-known name, this now provides us with a different and exciting challenge.

“We look forward to expanding upon Rollomatic’s already excellent UK and Irish references and to seeking out new challenges together. Rollomatic is a manufacturer of the highest precision multi-axis production grinding machines for manufacturing cutting tools and is also highly active in the medical sector, where AGS has supplied numerous machines over the years. Rollomatic is therefore a perfect fit for our line-up of grinding and finishing equipment and we welcome them to our range.

“It was especially pleasing that within a matter of weeks of us working together with Rollomatic, we were able to visit the Rollomatic booth at the EMO exhibition with customers and to see Rollomatic take several orders for grinding machines from UK customers who are all investing in these high precision multi-axis machine tools”.

Damien Wunderlin, Rollomatic’s sales director, comments: “We at Rollomatic are very pleased to be working with Advanced Grinding Solutions in the UK as their portfolio of grinding and finishing based machine tool solutions fits in perfectly with the Rollomatic range and AGS provides the ideal partner for us in the UK and in Eire. Rollomatic will also continue to invest in its UK-based service support facility and with AGS providing sales and marketing, as well as general support for our large and ever-growing customer base we look forward to tackling the challenges ahead of us together.

Rollomatic, one of the best known, most successful, and highly respected manufacturers of multi- axis CNC grinding machines, is the machine of choice for the production of rotary cutting tools of all kinds and for un-round tools such as punches.

Often recognised as the world-leaders for production solutions for small cutting tools from 0.1mm in diameter, Rollomatic GrindSmart® machines also excel at producing large cutters of up to 20 mm in diameter and the superior Swiss-manufactured quality of every Rollomatic machine is demonstrated with their industry leading 3-year parts and labour warranty that comes as standard on new Rollomatic machines.

For automatic loading, a variety of solutions are offered including high speed robot loaders that can load 20 mm diameter tool blanks in around eight seconds. A thousand tools can be stored in pallets for unmanned running throughout entire shifts. The automatic changing of grinding wheels is well catered for and the ultra-compact design of the 6-position wheel changer has a capacity of 24 grinding wheels and allows for wheel changes (complete with coolant pipes) during the tool load/unload cycle to minimize dead time to further improve productivity.

Rollomatic’s ShapeSmart® machines are ideally suited for the high performance cylindrical infeed “peel” grinding of cutting tool blanks such as drills, form tools, reamers, end mills, and punches. The ShapeSmart NP3 and NP5 variants offers tool concentricity after grinding of under 0.001mm. These machines use a unique grinding process known as “Pinch and Peel” for the grinding of tool blanks or punches with a diameter of 0.025 mm up to 25 mm.

Rollomatic’s line up of high precision machines is completed with their LaserSmart 501 machine that features simultaneous 5-axis interpolation for the very high precision laser machining of ultra-hard materials such as PCD, CVD, MCD and natural diamond. The LaserSmart 501 processes multiple operations such as cutting-edge generation, chip breaker machining and cylindrical land machining in one complete set-up. The Rollomatic LaserSmart machines can produce truly razor sharp cutting edges with a radius of under 1um and also defined radii of 3 um or 6 um for example. This ability dramatically increases cutter lifetime.

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