Vollmer engaged in dialogue to achieve increased sharpness

VOLLMER at the Previous GrindTec Show“Dialogue on Precision” is VOLLMER’s motto for the forthcoming GrindTec 2016 international trade fair in Augsburg, Germany. The specialist for grinding and erosion machines aims to use close cooperation with customers and partners and communication between humans and machines as the basis for the continued development of technology and services for its sharpening machines.

VOLLMER will be presenting its latest innovations in Hall 1, including the QXD 250 erosion VOLLMER QXD250 With Automationmachine, the Vgrind 160 tool grinding machine and new automation solutions. VOLLMER is also sponsoring the “Tool Grinder of the Year” competition, an award which is being presented to a Vgrind 160 this year for the first time.

VOLLMER will be showcasing its latest sharpening machines and automation solutions for machining tools and circular saw blades. The Swabian specialist for grinding and erosion machines will also be presenting the services it offers in relation to training, financing, servicing and maintenance. VOLLMER is a global partner for tool production and sharpening services and, with its service teams, performs on-site servicing and maintenance on machines all over the world.

The Vgrind 160 will be one of the trade fair’s highlights, not only in the “Tool Grinder of the Year” competition but at VOLLMER’s stand too. By virtue of its kinematics and five optimally configured CNC axes, the grinding machine for the production of solid carbide tools ensures perfect interpolation with short travel distances in order to achieve maximum precision with little machining time required.

VOLLMER Vgrind160 With AutomationAutomated manufacture of solid carbide tools
For the first time ever, VOLLMER will be presenting new automation solutions for the Vgrind 160 for use at the human-machine interface. These automation solutions include the HP 160 pallet magazine, which enables up to 272 workpieces to be supplied. The HPR 250 free-arm robot is also a new addition which increases autonomy and efficiency during tool manufacturing – the HPR 250 makes it possible for the previous capacity to be tripled. The free-arm robot enables tools with different shaft diameters to be automatically manufactured for the first time.

Sharpening circular saws around the clock
When it comes to machining circular saws, visitors to the trade fair will be able to examine several machines at the same time at VOLLMER’s stand. On the VOLLMER CHD 270, for instance, the entire grinding unit is securely mounted on a central main structure, forming a compact assembly. This single-block construction ensures that the machine is precise and runs smoothly when sharpening carbide-tipped circular saw blades. Together with an ND 230 handling system and corresponding loading carriages for automatic loading, the machine runs around the clock on the customers’ premises.

VOLLMER launched two other trade fair highlights, the CHP 840 and CHF 840 sharpening machines for carbide-tipped circular saws, at the beginning of 2015. They are both equipped with a new operating concept, which is the multifunction hand wheel for intuitive machine operation. The machine enclosure has been made more ergonomic so that the enclosure can be opened further to enable saw blades to be inserted more easily. The CP 650 sharpening machine will be showcased at GrindTec as well. Four CNC-controlled axes allow the CP 650 to automatically grind carbide-tipped circular saw blades in an expert manner with different diameters and tooth geometries on the face and top.

The Vollmer Group, which has independent branches in Germany, Austria, UK, France, Italy, Spain, USA, Brazil, Japan and China, is a globally successful specialist in tool machining for production and service applications. The extensive range of machines produced by this world market and technology leader comprises state-of-the-art sharpening and eroding machines for the wood and metal working industries.

Today the Vollmer Group has a global workforce of over 650, of whom a good 500 are employed at the headquarters in Biberach alone, including over 50 apprentices. Around eight to ten percent of its turnover is invested in the research and development of new technologies and products.

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