Guhring ‘Speed’s up production with latest RF100 milling line

For improving performance on high alloy and stainless steel materials, Guhring has now introduced its new RF100 Speed Series of solid carbide end mills. Well suited to the aerospace, oil & gas and medical industries, where hard-to-machine materials are commonplace, the new RF100 Speed has been tirelessly developed to enhance a number of machining parameters.

Guhring’s milling product manager, Rolf Ehrler says: “The target with the new RF100 Speed is to improve HPC performance where there is a small radial and high axial depth of cut. Simultaneously high speed machining demands a high feed rate for the highest possible material removal rate and this is something we have achieved with this new tool. The RF100 Speed is our answer in striving for a sharper and better end mill to meet our target of longer tool life with a higher cutting volume and a very smooth running performance.”

The RF100 Speed is available in two versions. The regular length 2XD version is provided with a straight cutting design for slotting, roughing and finishing in a single tool. Additionally, the RF100 Speed is offered in an Extra Long version that has a 3XD cut length. On the 3Xd variant there are chipbreakers spaced along the flute length to reduce chip sizes during long machining cycles. Whereas alternate end mills generate long swarf chips, the 10 mm chipbreaker intervals along the land width ensure swarf is compact and easily evacuated from the work envelope. This improves efficiency and material removal rates when rough machining.

The face geometry is completely new and this is credit to the 48 degree high helix angle and the unequal flute spacing. Such a high helix angle would have potentially weakened the wedge angle on the face geometry, so Guhring extended the land angle to retain edge strength and give the cutting edge complete stability. The face geometry also has a particularly large gash angle to generate large chip spacing, which is beneficial for plunge, helical and ramp machining operations. With a geometry design that evacuates swarf from the machining area at unprecedented speed, high feed machining becomes an extremely stable and safe process with the RF100 Speed.

To extend edge life, Guhring has introduced a large corner chamfer and a ‘double lip’ correction to further strengthen the cutting edge and deliver uncompromising stability, consistency and tool life. When combining the astounding strength characteristics with the innovative chip breakers, unequal flute spacing and the groundbreaking geometry, the RF100 Speed guarantees exceptionally smooth and stable cutting at high speeds and feed rates.

Both the standard length and Extra Long series are available from Guhring in diameters of 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 16 and 20 mm diameters, with shank diameters from 6 to 20 mm. The overall length of the tools ranges from 57 to 104 mm for the standard length tool and from 57 to 124 mm for the extra length version. This provides a maximum depth of cut from 8 to 45 mm or 12 to 65 mm for the standard and Extra Long series respectively.

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