Tornos celebrates successful Open House event

The recent Tornos Open House event proved a resounding success with visitors being drawn to the diversity and tornos-pic-aflexibility of the sliding head turning innovations on show. With the established SwissNano, GT26 and ST26 turning centres, Tornos had plenty of appealing innovations for visitors. However, it was the brand new DT26 making its UK debut at the event that was most noted for its design, functionality, flexibility and productivity potential.

The extremely sturdy and powerful Swiss DT26 machine has a kinematic design that promotes swarf evacuation and rigidity whilst being an extraordinarily flexible machine. This flexibility is credit to its modular work area for both front and back machining. In its standard configuration the Swiss DT26 is equipped with six turning tools, four driven radial tools, an angle tool post that enables the installation of four tools each for front and back machining, as well as 4 independent positions for use with the counter spindle.

tornos-pic-bIn addition, the modular driven tools on the DT26 can be configured to the customer’s needs, with tools interchange between main and counter operations. Matched spindle powers on the main and counter spindles are also a significant feature of the DT26 and indeed all of the products on show, which increases the machines flexibility. You’ll have to attend the event to see just how capable this new model can be.

Alongside the machine tool range was the Tornos TISIS 2.0 programming and machine management software. Designed for all Tornos products working in ISO mode, TISIS has been continuously expanded to provide the users with a steadily increasing number of features such as Industry 4.0 and parametric programming that will simplify programming and prevent errors. This was demonstrated on a display monitor along with the latest version of MasterCAM and its ability to develop innovative machining strategies for the latest Tornos machine tool range.

The machine tool range was supported by the latest cutting tool innovations from Floyd Automatic Tooling, Rainford Precision, Arno Werzeuge and Iscar whilst complementary technology was also demonstrated by PSL Datatrack and Wogaard.

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